What is a PTO Generator?

A PTO generator is one of the quickest ways to turn your most trusted piece of farm equipment into a mobile power plant. PTO generators convert the energy from the output shaft of your tractor into electricity with minimal loss. While more traditional models like standby or portable generators are top of mind, a PTO generator can provide power anywhere on the farm, while also avoiding common generator worries, like how frequently or infrequently the generator is used, how long fuel sits unused, what type of fuel you use, and worst of all–trying to start your generator up on a cold winter morning, only to find the engine in need of maintenance after sitting unused throughout the bitter season. 

Using your tractor’s engine to power your PTO generator, you leverage one of the most valuable (and reliable) pieces of equipment already on your farm.

Take Power Anywhere on The Farm

Having the ability to provide power in multiple locations on your property is a huge advantage. Hooking up a PTO generator to a primary or spare tractor means you can quite literally have a mobile shop. No longer will you find yourself in the middle of a fence repair on the back forty without the power tools you need to get the job done right–and quickly. With a PTO generator, you can go anywhere your tractor goes for a repair of construction. 

And, there are often places on a farm that are only accessible by ATV or tractor. PTO power means you can power your portable ARC or MIG wire welder right in the field, and not to mention a compressor for air tools, and much more. Pairing the right PTO generator with your tractor puts you in control. 

A mechanical repair on a farm never happens at an opportune time. Usually, something breaks when the demands on equipment are at their highest–during planting and harvesting. For a relatively small investment, not only can you alleviate the stress and frustration of an inopportune repair, but you can improve production times and get back on track, and back to work more quickly. 

An Added Bonus: Temporary Home Backup Power

One of the primary uses of PTO generators today–beyond agricultural applications–is to provide backup power to a private home during brief power outages. Owning a PTO generator means that the next time there’s a power outage, you have the ability to supply electricity to your home when it matters most. As long as you have diesel fuel and your tractor is up and running, you’ll have power at home. 

Once properly installed, an optional transfer switch makes powering your home easy. With a compatible transfer switch, you simply need to hook up the PTO, make a quick connection, and throw the switch. 

Lower Maintenance and Operation Costs

You might think an additional motor to deal with means more maintenance, fuel, oil, and repairs. But with a PTO generator, many of the common equipment failures and maintenance are no longer necessary because a PTO generator doesn’t have its own engine. The potential failure points and maintenance of a PTO generator are minimal, and consequently, the chances of hooking up your PTO generator after long periods of inactivity and having it work as intended is nearly guaranteed. If your tractor is running properly, your generator will as well–providing you reliability and confidence that your equipment operates when you need it most. 

In addition to the lower upfront costs and maintenance costs, PTO generators are powered by the farm grade diesel that’s already powering your tractor, resulting in lower fuel costs in comparison to operating and equivalent, but additional diesel engine.

Lastly, a PTO generator doesn’t have the regular maintenance demands as many other more traditional generator models. The average generator requires 50-hour intervals between oil changes, and 100-hour intervals for the oil filter. Typical tractor intervals are 100 hours, with some even closer to 500. With a PTO generator, you’re only servicing one engine–that of your tractor–and most likely it’s your most reliable engine. 

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