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  • Vidhata Alternators are made in MS Body (10 times better than Alumium body).
  • We use 100% Copper(Insulation H Class) of BIC or Shrumick Co. only which prevents from burning.
  • We use 100% genuine SKF or NBC bearing only which creates loss of failures in Alternators.





Construction :

  • VIDHATA A.C Generators are available in rotating field, self excited and self regulated in Brushless and compounding system.
  • The stator frame is of rolled steel with welded feet.
  • Rotor core is made up of cold rolled sheets held under pressure on the grounded steel shaft.
  • End shields are of cast iron construction.
  • Stator is skewed for better waveform.
  • Continuous damper winding fitted on poles.

Electrical performance :

  • Bridge rectifier.
  • Good overload characteristic.
  • Can generate electricity in both directions.
  • Voltage regulation within +-5% for compounding system and +-1% in Brushless version.
  • Voltage adjustment range is +-5% of nominal voltage.
  • Epoxy gel coating on windings after varnish for resistance against moisture.
  • Good motor starting capability, the compounding system giving 2.5 to 3 times of full load capability for short duration.
  • Positive voltages build up from residual magnetism.
  • Sustained short circuit current in the order of 3 times of full load current.
  • Voltage dips on application on full load 0.8pf on the order of 10% to 15%.

Enclosure :

  • Screen protected drip proof IP 23 as per IS 4691.

Standard Ratings :

  • All ratings are based on 40degree Celsius ambient, 1000m above sea level.